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Zen Games is a pack that brings two different games: Hexajong and Ishidoku
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Zen Games is a pack that brings two different games: Hexajong and Ishidoku.
Both of them are variations of classic board games.

Hexajong is a Mahjong with hexagonal tiles. As in the classic Mahjong, you will have to find couples of identical tiles, that will be cleared from the board when you click on them. An indicator in the upper right corner of the screen will show you the first tile you have selected. If it is shown there, it could be selected, because the tile has enough sides free.

Ishidoku is a variation of the traditional game Sudoku. But you will not have to place numbers in a matrix. You will have to accommodate precious stones with different shapes and colors. Each stone cannot be repeated in the same row or column of the matrix. The bigger matrices will be harder to complete. If you can place them in the right order, you will become a Zenmaster.

Like Dynamite developed this game, but it was published at Big Fish Games web site. The trial version will let you play for free for sixty minutes.

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  • Both games are interesting variations of traditional games


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